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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And Team 2 is the winner of the Dumb C .. & that happens to be us !

Well besides the bad time our company is facing it managed to organize some events for the diwali function and Dumb C was one of them.. Me and my buddy back into action .. After the college days we again grouped to form the unbeatable team. Cleared the prelims and we were in the cafĂ© where the finals were held.. There was three rounds, the first one being the advertisement .. We had to guess the Product and the tag line, it was pretty easy though we took sometime in this round.. The Product was BPL Believe in the Best, well hec though he found the product BPL, he forget the tag.. anyways managed to act it a bit and he found it.. The second one was movie, rather than miming, I had to draw it, so drew a small guy along with the big one, he identified it was kid and for the second word I just had to draw a guy in karate pose and wallah he shouts The Karate Kid. The third round being the toughest for us (though not for everyone) it was a proverb round.. I know that both of us sucked in this; but fortunately we got a easy one ‘Where there is will there is way’ I just had to mime ‘way’ and ‘will’ and my buddy gets the proverb. Eventually we were the only team who had completed all the three rounds successfully and we get to be the winner.. The best part was our practice session where we were working on the book names.. Anu a.k.a the boy in our team helped us by providing me some of the book titles and the best one was ‘Lossing my Virginity’ and guess what we managed to complete it in less than ten seconds ;) .. how would hav you mimed this book title !?

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