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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The word Sacrifice.

This is a little vague one.. If you are looking for jokes this is not the topic..

Someday everyone in this world will have to sacrifice one or the other to get something. One will understand the real meaning of the word only when he undergoes the agony of sacrificing something for the sake of others.

Some forfeit their personal life for professional, some sacrifice professional for personal; some for the happiness of others discard their own happiness. But of all these some sacrifices has to be made without any choice which is more tormenting than anything else.

People live abroad to earn handful so that their family can survive in their motherland sacrificing the happiness of seeing them everyday, people depart cause their happiness is not appreciated by the ones surrounded by them. Sacrifices are made for the sake of a better tomorrow, money, society, comfort and can go on ..

The point is when it happens one will be happy and another will be sad and there is no much win-win situation in these kinds of games. The decision has to been taken considering the personal, professional life in the line of the future. Once it is done there is no turning back and you will have to travel along the road taken. You will be traveling either in the road of others happiness with your broken heart or in the road of sadness with a smiling heart. But whatever it is the sun will rise the next day and you will have to live it, you cant escape the days ahead. When there is no hope for your dreams the only way to live is accept the life as it comes and search for happiness in the days ahead. Of course you will have to learn to live with a MASK of happiness again for the sake of others. And as they say 'Time is the best medicine' for such predicament, may be it is ....

You might have already undergone it or may be yet to undergo it.. But i have done it more than once..

If it was a really boring one, i m sorry will have a good post next...

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Class Vs Second Class in MRTS

Ya it has been a long time since i posted ..

I work for a company which is located in one of the busiest place in Chennai; it is none other than T-Nagar. This place is famous for many things such as Pollution, Parking, traffic jam, bargaining, shops, more shops, people, people and more people. If you have Rs. 500 you can get two shirts and jeans and at times even more. Yup you will find shops with such low prices (don’t ask me about the quality, come on you can’t expect everything). Anyways you will also find standard shops known for its Name. Parking - Now that is something you wont find that easily here. If you find a place to park your vehicle, trust me you are one of the luckiest person in this world.

I preferred coming by train to this place because any other mode of transportation will make you frustrating that may be because of the bad road, traffic, hot sun or because of a idiotic driver in front of you or any combination of the mentioned reasons. Anyway nowadays I come by bike for a change. My father advised me to a get a first class pass for the train and so I did.
The following are the interesting things I found about a first class coach and a normal second class coach. In second class you will find people in lungi, along with well dressed person; basically it will be a colorful one. On the other hand in first class coach you will find people with Genesis, Louie Philip, Van Heusen and other high branded shirts with Levi, black berry pants, not to mention the shoes. You accidentally step on other persons foot the words that will come out of your mouth is "I am sorry" / "Excuse me" and the victim would just smile or say "its ok" or may stare at you.. On the other hand you enter a second class and accidentally stamp a person; before you could open your mouth there will be at least three people shouting at you.. well it wil include from class c words to some words which you will have to search in a dictionary of the bad words..

Well the best part in second class (which I personally like) is there will be many groups of people who will be discussing on water problem, politics in their work to politics in our country and goes on .. It wil be funny and interesting to hear those conversations; you don’t need an IPOD for keeping yourself occupied in the train journey .. oh ya talking about music.. there will be blind people who will sing or who will be good in some instruments and will play it from one station to another .. some give a rupee or two to them .. I don’t use the word beggar to describe them cause I appreciate their music and talent always.. Seriously u will also appreciate it if you get a chance to hear it.. you wont find these people in I class anyways.. Grrrr...
This a very little about the suburban trains in Chennai .. you can actually write a whole book which I don’t want to do as of now..