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Monday, October 20, 2008

Best friend, my colleague

Well it was dream come true for me and Aravind, when I joined my new company where he has been for few months. We always had a wish of working for the same company, anyways that did not happen when we moved out of college. He joined Infy and me in Hex.. Now we are in the same company, same team but in different projects.. Things did change after I joined here.. though we see together a lot of time we only end up talking about the things in the office.. we at times forget that there is more than that.. and honestly I have not seen my best buddy get frustrated so much.. he used to be a cool guy.. I still remember the fun we had on our project demo in the final year of our college.. though both of our projects did not work, still managed to clear the stuffs and get a neat job.. Cant blame anyone for what we are in now, the job we have signed for is like that.. hope to see things calm down..

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