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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Intruder

27 Nov 08; It was raining heavily on that day, I managed to come from office to home in the bike. Need not mention the flooded roads, pits and the idiotic drivers (including me). During the way back I saw couple of snakes crossing the road; No exclamation needed for that sentence because it is very common here when it rains here. Frogs making the sound in joy and the snakes having a good feast on them. You get to see many kind of them from water snakes to the poisonous one.

As I entered my house, was getting ready to refresh myself when I heard my father calling me outside. I realized it was one of those which made him call me. It was not a small one nor too big. He was there calmly near the car tire. I always had a wish of catching a snake in my hand. Of course being at home my parents where shouting not to catch it, fortunately my sis supported me, so got the gloves and off I go to catch it, since it was near the tire I did not find it convenient to catch him there so drove him away from the tire and then its action time, took it in my hand without and the little one was not aggressive. Took a couple of snaps and managed to scare a few. After having all the fun, I took him outside and put him in the open water stream. It was pretty good experience and I was satisfied. Well had to hear somethings from my parents and friends on how snakes are dangerous and poisonous and what not.

The snake would be keelback (not too sure about it). Thanks to my sis for doing that research..