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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Call Taxi >>

The other day one of my friends had to leave Chennai and had a lot of luggage’s to be moved, so we decided to book for a call taxi. The train was scheduled for 23:30. We called one of the well known call taxi service (which happens to be very ‘FAST on the TRACK') by 10:00 in the morning and I asked them to come by 21:30. Those guys got the address and mobile number and gave me a confirmation number kind of stuff. In the late evening me and my friends thought we will just call those guys and check it up. We called them by 19:00 and they said ‘your taxi will be reaching your place by 21:30 and the driver will call you’. The time was 21:15 and we did not get any call from the taxi driver or we did not see any signs of the taxi. It was 21:30 and things were a little tensed so I called those guys and asked what happened to the taxi; he puts me on hold for a while and I could hear him talking with someone of the other side, after a while he says ‘sir your taxi will be coming soon’. I waited till 21:45 but still no signs of taxi. With no other go, I again called him; he gave me a number and said this is the driver’s number. I jotted it down, but when I called that number it was going to a person who is not a driver and does not work in that call taxi service!!. Ok, so hell with this taxi, we decided to take an auto and managed to get one just outside the house. We somehow managed to get there before time.

The call taxi service guys never called me and did not even bother to find out what happened to the customer. So please be careful when you book a call taxi and make sure you ask him to come in way advance.. you will be on the safe side.. Of course you can complain about this to their officials and take a severe action but time once lost is lost forever..