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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Art Work

The painting that i did recently after a very long time using Acrolyic colours..

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seashore, hand in hand..

Pencil art...
Smile ..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Share Market .. Game on...

Shares, the buzz word which I have been hearing a lot these days. So thought why not give a shot. And so it begins with my idbipaisabuilder account. People who have experience in the past guided me to do it with small investment (anyways I don't have a large amount to invest also that's a different story). Last week that is 21-Jan-08 to 25-Jan-08 the market was down and it was a pretty good time for retailers like me to invest in shares, keeping long term in mind. So I bought the shares of A group and B group companies. I prefer to stick with delivery than intraday stuff. Hmm but the brokerage rate is pretty painful not to mention the tax. One of my colleagues whose doing this for a long time advised me to keep the shares for a long term at least a year, in which case you need pay tax, ok that’s a relief..

Some things which experienced people told me about share market business..

  • Never be too greedy cause you could loose everything..
  • Tension, a thing which should be managed properly..
  • Long term investments are a good idea..
  • Invest in all possible sectors, not concentrating on a particular sector like IT, power etc.
  • Start with a small investment..

Another good investment is the IPO’s (Initial public offering).. Order it, get it and sell it .. Simple as that.. but before buying the IPO of that company have a background check of that company.. talking of IPO’s lets see how Reliance Power is getting allocated.. Many of my friends, colleagues and family members have applied for it..

Apart from this if you really want to stay out of the ticker, scrip code, 52week low/high.. Another solution Mutual Funds, put the money and you can stay relaxed at least to some extent. Because you are sure of minimum returns..

Last but one least, do vote for the poll which you will find at the top of the blog..