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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wall E

Long since I blogged.. There was this movie which everyone said is good. So there we were in Satyam with my sis, Aravind and his bro. We did not feel like it was an animated movie; the graphics were too cool .. There is this one robot in the whole earth whose only friend a roach, it does cleaning of the messed up world around it and collects some stuffs which it considers valuable. The story has a strong message as how technology may make a person very lazy. There is one scene where a guy falls from his hovercraft chair and struggles to get up because of his weight.. it shows if techonolgy takes over man then there might be a day where he may forget the normal way of living life.. The movie showcases love between two robots which may sound odd but has been taken in a very good fashion.. overall the movie was a good timepass and entertaining .. Except for the part after the interval where we got a Jumbo popcorn and struggled to finish it before the movie got over..

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